It's been a couple of years since I've updated my page.  I'd planned to do it quite regularly since I received so much feedback from the first post.  It seems that life really is what happens when you're making plans. 

If you had read my previous post you know that I wrote about Shiloh.  A paint mare that I bought because she was pretty.  Shiloh wasn't a great fit for me (she scarred the life out of me honestly) and I finally had to make the very difficult decision that she was too much for me.  She is a fantastic horse that is extremely athletic.  What she needs though is a person who is willing to be a little more insistent than I am comfortable with.  When I say this was a difficult decision I mean REALLY DIFFICULT.  To admit defeat was really hard for me.  I had to accept that if I didn't, all the fun would be sucked out of the one thing I do strictly for myself.  So, I've moved on and we will be putting Shiloh up for sale making sure she gets the best home possible.

So now we are Reining.  Let me just say that it is a lot harder than it looks.  I can't tell you how many years it's been since I've felt like I was going at a dead run.  Add to that your husband and trainer telling you that the horse was barely moving and you've created the formula for frustrated tears.  I know I'm not going to Nationals or Worlds but I'm hoping that I can be competitive and work through my fears and frustrations by forging ahead.  Every lesson and show is a challenge; after which I feel the sense of accomplishment and strength.  I'm learning first hand that being brave doesn't mean not being means being afraid and doing it anyway.  I am REALLY brave :).  There are lines that I won't cross (I haven't completely lost my mind or sense of self preservation).  But I constantly remind myself that I can't win if I don't play...and darn it, I want to play (and win too if I can.)

At my last show I finished 12th out of 53; I felt really good about that.  So, I'll keep taking lessons, keep going to shows and keep riding.  Hopefully in another year I'll be turning faster and sliding farther than I ever have before...wish me luck :)

Deven Childers Horsemanship & ReinMaker Ranch  

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