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Laurie purchased a Mustang from the Mustang Challange at the Western States Horse Expo in June, '08. I've been working with Laurie and her horse Laredo in private lessons over the past few months to add to their foundation and to build toward Laurie's goals of establishing a stronger team.  Below is an excerpt from a very nice email I recently received from Laurie.

Deven:  All I can say today is WOW!  I had the best day yesterday.  You are a miracle worker and a fabulous trainer of horses and riders.  Its like everything clicked yesterday.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am thrilled with Laredo and feel so good with him and about him.  My confidence with him is improved and I think his confidence in me as his person has improved dramatically.  This experience has been really positive and is a wonderful journey for me.  I feel blessed an happy in a way that has escaped me for a long time.

Thanks again, Laurie

Erin & Nick Maurer are very good friends of ours.  Since we began working with Erin & Echo we've gone on some terrific trail rides at their beautiful home and joined them on some wonderful camping trips.  Here is what Erin had to say about her training experience with Deven....

I rescued Echo from an auction in 2010 because she was "pretty".  I knew nothing about her except that she was about 9 years old, hadn't been ridden in about 3 years, and lived on a cattle ranch in Oregon.  I threw a curb bit on her and began riding her pretty hard. 

Turns out she was quite herd and barn sour, but she appeared to know quite a bit and was fearless.  I began showing her and barrel racing her.  Her attention was never on me; always on another horse or her trailer.  I decided to ignore her behavior and simply push her through it.  Eventually she got worse and worse.  She began bolting, rearing and she eventually flipped over on me in the ring and on the trail.  I needed to either sell her or find a trainer. 

I knew Deven's wife Michele from work and she connected me with Deven.  Instead of taking Echo into training he insisted we work on her together.  I was impressed.  This way she would learn to respect me too and not just him.  Any trainer can get a horse to do things.  What matters is if YOU can get it to do the same.  It became apparent that Echo had quite a few foundational holes in her training.  It was most amazing to me that even with only 10 minutes a day of "homework" we came leaps and bounds together in a very short amount of time.  With one lesson a week for only about 6 months and working consistently at home, I had a horse in just a snaffle bit that would bend and focus.  She would walk into competition arenas, run her heart out in a barrel class and walk out.  We can work cattle, enter a Western or English Pleasure show, and I can take her packing into the back country feeling safe and confident.  We have turned into a great pair!  I credit Deven and his remarkable insight into what her problems were, his patience with us, his endless knowledge and making the process fun!  He went back to the very root of it all and gave me the courage to keep riding her.  Just look at us now!!

Endless thanks from Erin and Echo!!

From Coleen and Frank Martin

In 2012 my husband was having issues with his horse Spicy.  He has ridden her for years but over a short period of time she had become excitable in group riding situations and started rearing.  This was completely unacceptable behavior.  We immediately started shopping for a trainer but knew what we really needed was a trainer that could work with them as a team.  We were referred to Deven Childers and couldn't be happier with the outcome.  In just a few lessons Deven had them back on track.  We realized the techniquies and experience Deven provided were invaluable.  Frank was able to continue with the lessons and work through this to satisfaction. 

Today Frank and Spicy are attending group rides and events with no issue.  Thank you Deven for helping them!
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